“In less than a year, Wicked Shortbread has gone from the seed of a business idea to a recognized, reputable brand throughout the Headwaters region. The key to this success is no great secret. It is driven by hard work, consistent high quality products and the excellent branding & marketing provided by SDB Creative Group Inc.

Having a creative marketing professional brand your products is the single best investment you can make in your business. People need to recognize your products immediately and with as much impact as possible.

Simon Burn at SDB Creative Group gave Wicked Shortbread the brand recognition it needed to be successful on the shelves of many gourmet retailers throughout southern Ontario. This success has led to the opening of Wicked Shortbread’s first retail location in the historic downtown of Orangeville.

Working with Simon has been a great experience. The results of his strategic branding process really captured the true essence of the product and has been a conversation piece for many customers. Over the course of the past year, several customers in the marketing and branding business have commented on how impressed they are with the job that was done. That type of professional peer recognition speaks volumes to the quality and creative depth of SDB Creative's work. If branding is your next step, SDB Creative Group is where you need to go. Your business will thank you for it.”

– Keri Eric. Owner, Wicked Shortbread